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Your Hardest Software Audit Questions Answered Together.

Join the Software Audit Survival Session for an open-panel Q&A hosted by licensing experts Mike Austin, Kris Wong & Ben Tight.

The event starts Thursday May 19th, at 11:00 AM EST. Please register to reserve your seat.


Why Should You Join Software Licensing Audit Survival Session?

Ask Us Your Hardest Software Auditing Questions - For Free!

The Software Audit Survival Session is an online open discussion panel which you can use to bring your toughest audit challenges and inquiries to get answered.

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Take the Stress out of your Next Software Audit

Our experts will give you the road-map required to pave through your stickiest software audit situations while maintaining a healthy relationship with your software vendor. We'll tell you the process, the materials required, and the hidden tricks you must be aware of to come out of your next audit in a position of strength.

Learn Audit Penalty Avoidance, Remediation, and Negotiation

Tap into the Software Audit Survivalist's expertise or share your own! In this session we're inviting you to jump into our round table discussion on software audit negotiation and penalty avoidance best practices for all vendors.

Avoiding Audit Penalties

Meet The Software Audit Survival Experts:


Kris Wong

Principal Licensing Consultant

With over 15 years in software licensing industry, Kris has a proven track record of helping clients protect their software investments. Kris Specializes in a multitude of software vendors including; Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Autodesk and IBM.


Mike Austin

 CEO, MetrixData 360

Mike Austin, brings more than 20 years of software licensing experience and software asset management skills to his clients’ projects. Mike has assisted companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to organizations with just a few hundred employees.


Ben Tight

Director of Software Solutions

Ben Tight is a SAM Process Automation Expert
with Over 20 Years of Experience in System Administration within Engineering and Financial firms. His vast knowledge of software infrastructure and licensing nuances have helped save companies millions of dollars on their IT Spend.

Train Your Whole Team on Software Audit Survival

Looking to protect your organization from costly software audits? Educating your team members is key to staying compliant and reducing cost overruns when it comes to vendor audits. Attendees of the Software Audit Survival Session will be able to purchase our Audit Process course and document at a reduced price to keep their team's audit skills sharp.